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Saturday, April 30th, 2016

I am deeply concerned about the future of our country in a way I’ve not felt before. I believe with all my heart and all my intellect that Donald Trump is a con man. He’s playing a giant shell game on the world stage. In one place and time, he says women should be punished for getting an abortion. In another place and time he says no, only the doctor should be punished. In yet another place and time, he says that the laws should stay exactly as they are now. And so with sleight of hand he makes everyone think they know where he stands. In truth, no one knows what he stands for or what he believes. It’s for that reason that myself and millions of others cannot in good conscience and will not vote for him. What that should tell you is that should Trump get the nomination Hillary will most assuredly win the presidency in a landslide. If that is what you want, fine. But don’t kid yourself that that won’t happen. So, I beg you to take that into consideration when you vote on Tuesday. Thanks for your time.  

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Thursday, April 21st, 2016

My take away from the 2016 election cycle is that the two party system should be discarded. For years now, we’ve been forced to compromise our values and beliefs just so “the other party” wouldn’t win. However, the breadth of ideologies in this country could easily allow for four, five, or even more political parties. On the left, you could reasonably expect to see people align on either a left leaning populist party or a socialist party. Conversely on the right, you could belong to either a right leaning populist party or a constitutional Conservative party. Libertarians and environmentalists could become more realistic forces in a multiparty system. Everyone should be able to choose a party that more closely aligns with their beliefs so that their values are represented.